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Model Art AFV Profile No.1

Model Art Profile’s new version ? Model Art AFV Profile, has come now! AFV Profile thoroughly explains the actual armored fighting vehicles and informs how to model. The first issue of AFV introduces Jagdpanzer IV L/70 "LANG", a German tank destroyer based on the Panzer IV. Jagdpanzer IV L/70 LANG was appeared on the late war. The main gun of LANG was changed from previous 48 caliber to 7.5 cm 70 caliber, has a tremendous penetrative power so that it became able to defeat huge numbers of the coalition tanks in the war. It is also the final form of Jagdpanzer IV.
This issue completely illustrates the whole changes of LANG with great explanations, drawings, and pictures. Furthermore, two mysteries of LANG that have not been answered until now are explicitly solved in this book. Even a map that shows crops where & when LANGS were disposed with drawings ? 1/35th scale that consist of 4 faces: front, back, side, and top ? is included.
In an article of modeling, there are two different styles of modeling. Tamiya’ kit is old classics way and easy to make a model in simply detailed, whereas Dragon’s kit is required a high degree of skill for detailing works and gives tips for the best way to combine parts of a model. Advanced checkpoint, basic of detailing up, and how to paint are firmly explained in Model Art AVF Profile.
Much looking forward to meeting you!!



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