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Super Illustration No.3 Japanese Navy Cruiser MOGAMI

Because of the unique style of MOGAMI, it has been popular for those who are big fans of vessels. The first fleet of Mogami ? as popular as Takao: another famous Japanese heavy cruiser ? has finally appeared in SUPER ILLUSTRATOR. It minutely explains three generations of MOGAMI which are the very first built model, loaded with 8 inch twin gun turret, and the final change of MOGAMI (an aviation cruiser) with plentiful illustrations of Okamoto Hotsukasa.

Japanese Navy had been restricted to build the heavy cruisers in accordance with two rounds of disarmament conference ? Washington Naval Treaty, after the WWI. Consequently, Japanese Navy had started building the 4th generation of MOGAMI (the light cruiser) ? with the standard displacement of 8,500 tons and was mounted 6.1 inch guns in five triple turrets on it.
This book will tell you the whole story of MOGAMI such as development, changes, and history including the battle of Midway with 130 illustrations.

From the Division View: the entire pictures of MOGAMI/Deck fittings/ smokestack/ erection of bridge/ foremast & mizzenmast/ deck of machine gun/ the stern of bridge/ cannons attack/torpedo tube/ before fire control system, optical instrument/ pinnace/ shipborne plan/ detail drawing of each erection ? first, second, & third generation of MOGAMI.

The contents of inserted floor plan of MOGAMI
O 1/350 the right sided view of the aviation cruisers ? 1st, 2nd, & 3rd generations
O 1/350 cross sectional diagram of the 1st generation MOGAMI’s hull




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