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The second version of acclaimed magazine - TAMIYA Color Guide!!

Plastic Model Color Guide V.2 is an indispensable handbook, easy to understand the image & concept of painting!!
It also has a supplement: Sample Guidebook of TAMIYA Color.

TAMIYA Color has become a byword in painting for Japanese plastic model. First of all, TAMIYA wildly established the great sensation of enamel painting for Japanese modelers in the name of “PACTRA TAMIYA” ( now is called TAMIYA Color Enamel). Afterward, TAMIYA, as a leader in the plastic model field, developed a water solubility acrylic color, in which let modelers use easily and safely for painting and has become a necessity for them. Moreover, aerosol can sprays have been released in conjunction with kits. Furthermore, it contains the history of TAMIYA color and the commentary of colors.

There are also articles about the advanced level of using can-sprays (Air Model Spray) ? the challenge of camouflage in German fighters by mottling, and the techniques of how to use a can-spray.

Main Content

The History of TAMIYA Color
Detailed Explanation
>> Acrylic panting
>> Enamel panting
>> TAMIYA Color Spray
>> Air Model Spray
>> Techniques of Can Spray
>> Air Model
>> AFV Model
>> Car Model
>> Vessel Model
>> Column
>> Each name of writers
>> Memory of TAMIYA Color
>> Tips of 60 colors of TAMIYA Color Spray
>> TAMIYA Color Spray TS (28 colors)
>> AS (Air Model Spray 32 colors)
>> 10 colors of Silver & Gold Metallic
>> 18 colors of Car Model

Price: \3,800 (included Tax)
Size of Book: B5 Color, 96 pages + Color Tip 5 pages + 32 colors of Air Model.



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