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Have you ever reminisced about good days in the past that you had traveled with a loved one by a train on the beautiful routes? If so, have not you ever wanted it to be back? Then, why do not you reenact those unforgettable sceneries by modeling. The Model Railway Special is the book that will be able to make your dream come true. It is a well-written handbook that is through Model Art’s wealth of experience and unparalleled knowledge so that anyone can easily make a model in which would be as close as your sceneries. The Model Railway Special will let you meet up with trains and sceneries that you have always wanted.
Rail Model Special No.4
How to make small layout

No.777 - 1680JPY

Rail Model Special No.3
Japanese Winter

No.765 - 1680JPY

Rail Model Special No.2
Japanese Summer

No.753 - 1680JPY

Rail Model Special No.1
Old Japanese town with trains

No.741 - 1680JPY









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