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This issue of Hyper Weapon contains the works of Kobayashi Makoto - a famous Manga artist - that is well known for his unique drawing style. It is one of the best issues of Hyper Weapon due to the special features - how to set up the movie with the original by special sources, the secret skills of Kobayashi Makoto, and etc… Do not let the best chance slip by!!!

Hyper Weapon 2009
Space Battleship & Space Aircraft Carrier

Mechanical design of Space Battleship by Makoto Kobayashi

No.hw2009 - 1,800JPY

Hyper Weapon 2008
Produced by Makoto Kobayashi

No.hw2008 - 2,200JPY

Hyper Weapon 2007
Produced by Makoto Kobayashi

No.hw2007 - 1,470JPY

Hyper Weapon 2005
Produced by Makoto Kobayashi

No.hw2005 - 3,360JPY



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